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Agile Fundamentals


Ever wonder what it is like to work on an agile team? Puzzled by what exactly the difference is between being agile and being lean? Then this workshop is for you. 

Sure, on paper agile is simple and straightforward. When the rubber meets the road, though, and we start adopting an agile way of working, reality quickly proves to be much more complex than expected. Starting an agile way of working requires learning new concepts and practices, such as: iterative time-boxes, user stories, agile ceremonies, and new roles. An agile way of working also requires un-learning old habits that have been ingrained for years and sometimes decades. 

This workshop teaches you the fundamentals necessary for successfully starting an agile way of working. The workshop takes you on an agile journey starting with a basic iterative way of working. From there, agile practices are layered on. Together, we learn about and get to experience how agile ceremonies work, what purpose the agile work board serves, what user stories are and how to estimate them using story points, and what the agile team roles are. From the basic agile practices, we continue to explore a lean and continuous flow way of working. We cover lean practices such as:

    • limiting work in progress;
    • pulling work;
    • increasing cross functionality;
    • minimizing waste; and
    • optimizing the whole. 

This workshop is not technical and is recommended for all team members new to agile. Games, simulations and group discussions reinforce the principles and practices learned. The workshop is necessary for anyone beginning their agile journey and wants to lay a solid foundation for the transformation ahead.


  • All team members involved in the agile transformation from IT teams to business, marketing, operations, and finance.
  • IT practitioners who seek Certification in Disciplined Agile.


  • None.

Pre-workshop Prep

What You'll Learn

For two days, you experience what it is like to work in an agile team. First-hand, you'll learn:

  • the values, principles, and practices of what it means to work in an agile and lean way;
  • how to deliver value in increments using an iterative way of working;
  • how to translate traditional requirements to a more lightweight user story format, and how to estimate them;
  • what purpose the agile work board serves, and how it helps you build transparency and trust inside your organization;
  • how continuous flow and lean differs from an iterative way of working, and when and how it is a better fit. 

In short, learn how to lay the right foundation for a successful agile transformation and adoption of the more advanced Disciplined Agile practices. 

  • Attendees earn the designation of Disciplined Agilist, with free first year membership and full benefits, a $50 US value


  • Day 1
    • Going from traditional development to basic iterative development and value delivery
    • Introduction to the basic agile, iterative way of working 
    • Benefits of and how to visualize your work 
    • What are user stories? And how do you write good user stories? 
    • Roles and responsibilities on an agile team
    • How do you estimate user stories?
    • Day 1 summary and wrap up: A retrospective
              • Day 2
                • The Disciplined Agile manifesto
                • Switching gears to lean and continuous flow
                • Principles and practices of a lean way of working
                • Overall workshop summary and wrap-up: A retrospective

              Workshop Logistics

              • Level: Introductory
              • Length: Two days – 14 hours of classroom time plus breaks

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