This is the governing body for certification in Disciplined Agile.

Being a Certified Disciplined Agilist (CDA) indicates to colleagues and employers that you have fundamental knowledge about Disciplined Agile strategies and that you are eager to learn and increase your skills and abilities as a software professional.

How to Become a Certified Disciplined Agilist (CDA)

Step 2:

Pass the certification test


Step #1: Learn About Disciplined Agile

To learn about the Disciplined Agile framework sufficiently, we suggest that you:

Step #2: Take the Certification Test

The test is 50 multiple selection questions based solely on material from the workshop and book Choose Your WoW! To pass the test you will need to have read the book and attended the workshop.

      • You will receive the information to sit the test with your workshop completion email.
      • Please see How to Pass the Test.
      • In case you do not pass the test on your first attempt, the re-test fee is $150 USD + applicable taxes, payable via PayPal or credit card.
      • Once you have passed the test, your CDA designation is valid for a 1 year period. In order to retain your certification, you must meet the then-current retention requirements.

After You've Earned Your Certified Disciplined Agilist (CDA) Designation

Suggested Learning Activities

We encourage you to stay up-to-date with Disciplined Agile by:


  • Listing in Certification Membership Directory if you choose
  • Disciplined Agile Consortium (DAC) Quarterly Newsletters and Professional Development opportunities
  • Member-only access to DAC collateral such as webinars, templates, white papers


  • $50 USD annual renewal fee
  • 7 hours of professional development (minimum 4 Disciplined Agile hours) required each year, such as workshops or webinars

Next Steps

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