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Governing Agile - A Disciplined Approach to Lean Governance

When organizations first adopt agile strategies they focus on software development. This is a good start, but they quickly realize that teams need to be governed effectively. Teams start to learn and evolve the way that they work. They do this in different ways - and not every team is agile. Some teams take a Lean/Kanban-based approach instead. Not only has it become obvious that your existing, traditional approach to governance isn’t going to work, it’s also clear that you will need a flexible, lightweight approach that can support a range of development strategies, while still addressing the usual regulatory compliance and audit requirements. Disciplined Agile (DA) has a lightweight, risk-based governance solution.


  • IT practitioners who want to learn about how lean governance works in established organizations.
  • Existing agile practitioners who want to take their understanding of how to apply agile in enterprise situations to the next level.
  • Senior IT Management who want to gain a deep understanding of how to take a disciplined and comprehensive approach lean governance


    1. An appreciation of the Disciplined Agile mindset. People who are new to agile, or who need a refresher, should view the following videos prior to the workshop:
    2.  As well as review our Introduction to Disciplined Agile.

    What You'll Learn

    • The full extent of how lean governance works in established enterprises 
    • Identify how your solution development strategy needs to evolve for DevOps
    • Discover the potential impact on your operations and support strategies



      • Disciplined Agile principles
      • What is governance, and why do we need it in an agile world?
      • Exploring why traditional governance doesn’t work for lean/agile teams
      • Exploring what it means to govern agile/lean teams effectively
      • Governing when every team is different and constantly evolving
      • Governing a value stream
      • Designing and implementing agile and lean metrics that makes sense for your organization and teams
      • Surviving an external audit

        Workshop Logistics

        • Level: Introductory - intermediate
        • Length: One day – 7 hours of classroom time plus breaks
        • Approach: For each major topic in the agenda there will be instruction followed by group work

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