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Scott Ambler + Associates Delivers Disciplined Agile to MCAP

The Business Need

MCAP has a high percentage of IT staff who are knowledgeable about the business, eager to work closely with business partners, and do whatever it takes to be successful together. Due to geographic distribution of business partners in Toronto and Vancouver, IT staff in Kitchener and Toronto,  and a waterfall-like development methodology, requirements processes were fragile. Communication was a challenge, increasing project risk. Development timelines were long, and quality suffered. Test processes were weak and lacked sufficient, automated regression tests. Due to insufficient monitoring, production problem-detection was difficult.

MCAP was already making changes to improve its operational infrastructure and had begun investing in test automation. Everyone understood they needed to change their delivery approach.

Derek Norton, CEO, MCAP

“Over time we will use the agile approach on all our new initiatives. IT working hand in hand with the business units will become a natural part of our day to day activities. More automation will be in place, which will allow us to use our human resources for what they are best at, thinking and finding better solutions. It’s a culture change and the change will take time to adopt and integrate in all that we do. We are ramping up slowly with a few projects and building incrementally on our successes and lessons learned.”

Barbara McDonald, MCAP Senior Director, IT

“Using the agile approach has made a huge difference to our productivity. We can narrow focus to the few, most-important stories. Prior to leveraging the agile approach, it was extremely difficult to know what the team should be working on next. The team now feels a sense of control and draws energy from successfully knocking backlog items off the list, prioritized by the business, two weeks at a time.”

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Partnering with Disciplined Agile since its inception, Scott Ambler + Associates helps organizations apply agile and lean processes within the specific context of their business.  Our coaches are certified in many agile and lean frameworks, but our preferred approach is the Disciplined Agile framework. We provide clients a customized and unparalleled experience in delivering agile adoption, transformation, coaching services, staff augmentation and training. Our experts deliver solutions for each client’s needs and pain points.

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