DADay is 24 September!

Last year’s inaugural DADay was a smashing success! At DADay, Disciplined Agile (DA) experts, practitioners, and customers from around the world will come together to share DA experiences and strategies in this online event. Last year over one hundred DA members fulfilled their certification requirements for the year by attending this content-packed event.  

Call for presentations for DADay2019 is now closed. Thank you to everyone who responded.

Please see our 2019 Presenters and Abstracts - we are looking forward to a great day!


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We look forward to seeing you at DADay2019!


 Scott W Ambler   Mark Lines

The Disciplined Agile Consortium was created by founding members Scott W Ambler and Mark Lines in early 2013. Since then, more than 10,000 practitioners representing over 100 businesses have been trained in Disciplined Agile. In the past 2 years membership has grown more than 450% and Gartner has recognized Disciplined Agile as the most successfully adopted agile frameworks.


Who should participate?

Anyone interested in gaining more insight into implementing Disciplined Agile.

Why attend?

There are many benefits to attending:
  • You'll advance your knowledge of DA by being the first to learn of emerging DA techniques, as well as example of what works and doesn't work based on hands-on experiences from partners and customers.
  • You'll complete your professional development hours for recertification for the year in a single day.
  •  If you have a certification with PMI, you can claim 5.0 Technical PDUs
  • You'll have access to the recorded presentations.
  • You'll be able to download the slides.
  • If you are not a member, you'll earn the designation of Disciplined Agilist, with free membership for your first year.

Our Presenters - we appreciate how each of you are helping to make DADay2019 successful!

Aldo Rall, CDAC/CDAI, DA Advisory Council

Experience Report

  • This is an experience report showing how Disciplined Agile Process Goals for Continuous Improvement (CI) has been used and will discuss tools, techniques, models and methods used to identify, track, measure, manage and support a disciplined and systematic approach to implementing the improvements inside the change initiative. 

    The report will showcase the CI Framework developed for the client by discussing:

    • The CI Strategy and management approach by using a Strategic Change Canvas (adapted from Lean Change Management) 
    • The Lifecycle of an Improvement (adapted from various CI patterns)
    • The use of a Value Stream Mapping to identify and track improvements (adapted for the local context)
    • The use of the SWITCH and Fogg change models to track the health of the overall initiative and individual improvements  
    • Tools and techniques used in the tracking of progress and Impact of each improvement
    • The key areas for each improvement that is required to understand the impact and scope of each improvement
    • Management and tracking strategies for each individual improvement

Aldo has mastered the practical elements of developing working solutions across a range of titles, assignments, projects, organisations, industries and countries (both in and outside the IT domain). He has well developed experience and skills in people management, leadership, continuous improvement, critical thinking, creative problem solving and collaboration. Aldo has experience in techniques, methods, frameworks and practices utilised in testing, business analysis, project management, Agile and people- and process change management to name a few. He has honed and gained a diverse set of skills and is considered as a pragmatic generalising specialist by his peers. 

Aldo remains fascinated with the constant change in different domains which ensures that there is always something new to learn, regardless of experience or qualifications. He is keen to learn new skills and finding different ways in combining his varied skill set in different contexts whilst delivering valuable solutions with like-minded organisations, teams and individuals.

Armine Mkrtchyan, CDAP

Applying DAD in non-IT teams

I would like to talk a little bit about the implementation of DAD outside of IT because I have worked with many non-IT teams and the results are outstanding. As long as the presentation is just 15 minutes, I will be able to talk about only one implementation. The most vivid example, I guess, would be the TV industry, where Agile is penetrating quite rapidly considering very good examples of companies already in Agile transformation process like Finnish Yle, BBC, Pixar, Disney and so on.

I would like to talk about an international TV Show “All Your Wishes” delivered in an Armenian TV channel.I will make a small comparison regarding the expectations, dates and the results we had supposed to have according to the Bible of the Format and the outstanding results we had gotten implementing DAD. The Bible of the Format is similar to a Project Charter and assumes working in Waterfall Project Management manner. DAD helped us to:

    • significantly shorten the delivery time,
    • deliver project with fewer team members involved
    • strengthen collaboration between creative, engineering and technical teams
    • organize the work of 7 teams (around 30 people) more effectively
    • visualize the work and identify risks as early as possible
    • help the teams to understand the flaws of their processes and improve continuously


Armine Mkrtchyan is a CDAP with over 5 years of experience with Disciplined Agile. Currently she works as an Organizational Development Coach and helps companies with Agile transformations. Apart from IT industry, she helps to make companies more agile in other industries such as Finance, Media, Banking, FMCG, Non-profit, etc. Overall Armine has more than 15 years of experience in Organizational Development in different regions as Eastern Europe, Middle East and West Africa.

Brent Reed, CDAP/CDAI, Certified Bronze Partner

Let's build a global DA Guild Community!

Improving our way of working includes collaborating outside our organization and with fellow practitioners.

Events like the DA Day conferences, workshops and meetups are excellent ways of learning new ideas, getting answers and sharing progress and pain points in a safe environment.

Crafting our skills takes much work, however can be very rewarding so how can we do that in our local area?  Tactec working with Disciplined Agilists’ in Western Canada (Victoria / Vancouver)  have launched  two Disciplined Agile Guilds, whose focus is to craft, hone and improve our skills by sharing, demos, challenging and engaging together with purpose, measured feedback and goals both personally (individually) and through the guild.  What we learn can be brought back to our places of work and shared with our colleagues and workmates.  A terms of reference or Guild Manifesto shall be shared during the presentation along with feedback from those who have participated early in the creation of these guilds, we want to connect to other Countries and Cities to build a truly global community of Disciplined Agile Guilds, who are Disciplined Agile active members.


Brent uses a unique combination of Disciplined Agile, through enterprise Devops in his approach to business acumen and IT technical abilities this translates into value, focus and velocity objectives into actionable strategic agile plans.

A recognized strategic leader, industry speaker, and advisor to global companies he has a wealth of expertise building enterprise-wide teams, systems and processes to deliver strategic objectives.

Brent's passion for DA has led him to found and organize DA Guilds in BC.

Daniel Terhorst-North, DA, KEYNOTE

We are thrilled to bring you Daniel Terhorst-North, Principal at Dan North & Associates, as our keynote speaker for DADay 2019.

Daniel uses his deep technical and organisational knowledge to help CIOs, business and software teams deliver quickly and successfully. 

He puts people first and finds simple, pragmatic solutions to business and technical problems, often using lean and agile techniques. 

With thirty years of experience in IT, Daniel is a frequent speaker at technology and business agility conferences worldwide. 

Daniel is the originator of:

Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD) and

Deliberate Discovery

and has published feature articles in numerous software and business publications, and contributed to 

The RSpec Book: Behaviour Driven Development with RSpec, Cucumber, and Friends and 

97 Things Every Programmer Should Know: Collective Wisdom from the Experts

Follow Daniel’s blog at

Daniel Gagnon, CDAC/CDAI, DA Fellow, DA Advisory Council

Beyond Agile: Applied Antifragility

Agile practices and frameworks have now been around for the same amount of time (25 years) that the Waterfall approach had been when XP and Scrum were first formalized. It is high time to shine a critical light and ask ourselves just how much real progress has been achieved in terms of increased productivity. This session takes a hard look at the documented results of following prescriptive frameworks and asks a crucial question: have we reached the point where semantic diffusion has rendered the term "agile" obsolete and if so, what could we do about it? I believe that one viable option consists in moving towards an Antifragile stance (as first described in the work of Nassim Nicholas Taleb). The presentation outlines what, exactly, constitutes an "Antifragile stance" and offers actionable, real-world advice on how organizations can move beyond agile in order to position themselves to benefit, rather than suffer from, volatility and disruption. The intent of this presentation is simply to plant a seed of healthy critical thinking. I remain convinced that despite the doubts and misgivings that are currently cropping up in the Agile community, it is not too late to leverage the agile mindset and lessons learned of the past 25 years as a springboard for a higher order of thinking.


Daniel a une expérience de coaching d'entreprise dans les principales institutions financières. Daniel est un leader d'opinion et de pratique Enterprise Lean / Agile avec plus de 20 ans d'expérience dans la gestion de projets et de portefeuilles de projets, une vaste expérience en tant que formateur / instructeur d'entreprise et agent de certification pour Scaled Agile Framework et Disciplined Agile Delivery.

Daniel has enterprise coaching experience in major financial institutions.  Daniel is an Enterprise Lean/Agile thought and practice leader with over 20 Years of Project and Project Portfolio Management experience, extensive experience as Corporate Trainer / Instructor and a Certifying Agent for both Scaled Agile Framework and Disciplined Agile Delivery.

Felice Pescatore, CDAC, DA Advisory Council

From one large team to 6 DAD teams

In this speech I will present in which way, using DA, I helped an international medical equipment firm to reinvent itself. I used different DA Goals to set progressive challenge starting from an Inception workshop in which we defined the Strategic Vision. Especially, I will tell how I have supported the firm in the passage from a one-team for all the activities to a multi DAD teams centric organization, highlighting the progressive journey (still ongoing) that helped the people in the creation of their teams, responding to external pression and re-adapt their daily work focus. I will present success actions and fail experiments, along with the ways we approached them to continuously review our assumptions, with a particular focus on the Product Owner role because the committed people to it was not co-located and they came from a very different experiences.


Xebir Founder & CEO I work daily with complex projects using Agile/Lean/DevOps approaches to achieve business goals. Software Engineer with a Master Degree in Software Technology and Software Management, I support companies in their transformation path in order to make them more dynamic and value-oriented, creating a strong Lean oriented culture.

Agile Business Coach, Certified Disciplined Agile Coach and Disciplined Agile Consortium member, agilist of the first hour, I’m the leader of the and Eclipse Duttile open projects, an empirical disciplined approach to create massive IoT market solutions. 

I am a speaker (and co-organizer) at the most important Agile and Microsoft conferences in Italy and across Europe.

More about me: 


LinkedIn profile:

Twitter: @felicepescatore 


Company: Xebir (

Harjeev Chugh, CDAP

Product Portfolio Funding Strategy as part of an Enterprise DA Transformation

There are many enterprise level changes that support optimizing a transformation to an agile way of working.  This session will cover one of them, transitioning to a Product Portfolio Funding Strategy as part of a global transformation to Disciplined Agile at Diageo.  Harjeev Chugh, the Head of Agile Transformation at Diageo will co-present with Joshua Barnes, a Disciplined Agile consultant supporting the initiative.  The session will cover why a new funding model was an integral contributor of one the overarching transformation goals – deliver value faster.


Jeev has extensive experience in leading digital and agile transformation initiatives, and developing strategy, standards and processes with the focus on improving organisational effectiveness, breaking down silos, removing blockers and increasing transparency. He has a broad range of experience across the Financial Markets and Retail sector, and draws over a decade of practical experience to move teams and organizations towards agility in short timeframes. 

Currently, he is leading the Enterprise Agile (DA) Transformation at Diageo. Leveraging the DA toolkit, he has designed and implemented (for pilot) a bespoke agile at scale operating model to transform multiple lines of business and set a path to establish 100+ DAD teams at Diageo.

Jaco Viljoen, CDAP

Visualize your WoW for Optimizing Flow

The “Evolve WoW” process goal contains three options for visualising your existing process. In this talk I will share a fourth option that shows the end-to-end DA-IT process with teams and how work flow across these teams. This enables management and teams to optimise the flow in the spirit of the “Optimise Flow”  Principle. To do this a new notation was developed that will be shared together with a real world practical example. Some experience using this will be discussed with ideas on how to apply this in your own context.


Jaco is Managing Business Consulting BU at IndigoCube and is passionate about helping others do software development better, be it through successful Digital (Lean/ Agile/ DevOps) enterprise transformations, training or coaching, or achieving optimal business agility.

Joshua Barnes, CDAC/CDAI, Certified Bronze Partner

Remote Training and Coaching

In this session I will cover how training and coaching can be delivered remotely and be very effective.  I will draw upon the hundreds of individuals that I have trained at Diageo as well as delivered coaching on their DA transformation at Enterprise aspects all the way down to course correcting a troubled team that is in flight.  I will touch on what is needed in the Coach to be effective at remote work as well as the infrastructure they need.


With 20+ years of solution development experience Joshua supports organizations to enable delivery of value sooner, limiting risk, and becoming flexible to changing conditions by focusing on sustainable change. He has established and led enterprise wide transformation programs for organizations adopting agile frameworks. He has significant expertise in helping organizations adapt quickly to changing technology and cutting through complexity to focus on building solutions that meet business needs.

In his spare time, Joshua enjoys taking his race car around the track.

Klaas van Gend, CDA


An important part of any agile project is the sizing of work items.
As part of "Plan the Release," Disciplined Agile presents several strategies for estimation.
Klaas van Gend acted as Scrum Master for the Scandium Team, with both junior medior and senior engineers.
We experimented for two years with several strategies. Educated guesses? Team guesses? Planning Poker? Similar sizes? #NoEstimates?

In the end, we chose for a strategy that most managers do not accept lightly: 
We claim engineers are humans. They have problems with absolute numbers and repeatedly make the same mistakes.

So we optimized our sizing method only to use relative numbers and ensure those repeated mistakes.


Klaas van Gend, a mechanical engineer by academic education, started his working career in 1998 at Sioux controlling wide format inkjet printer prototypes. 

He quickly went from control engineering to full-blown software engineering. 
At Sioux, MontaVista and Vector Fabrics, he was involved in many product designs, including set-top boxes, tracking devices, cameras, TVs, gas chromatographs, video servers, networking equipment, car radios, telephones, payment terminals, inkjet printers, electron microscopes, and bridge monitoring.

In 2016, Klaas became a Certified Disciplined Agilist.
In 2017, Klaas started the monthly Meetup, centered around knowledge sharing for programmers in the Eindhoven area in the Netherlands.

Klaas likes board games, books, 3d printing, good food with friends, concerts, movies, and his girlfriend.

Lisa Lueck, CDAC

Spotlight on Optimizing Flow

Organizations are made up of many interacting teams and processes, products and services.  What are common impediments to the overall flow of work in an organization?  If alignment of these interacting pieces is not in place or improved, organizational success and efficiency suffers.  How will a team know if the optimization of their process will help or hinder another team?  Lisa will discuss common impediments to optimizing flow and one technique for identifying impediments in a process.


Lisa hails from the prairies in Canada.  She has just successfully earned her CDAC.  Lisa has been working actively with Disciplined Agile for the last several years as a transformation lead and agile coach and mentor.  She volunteers with Agile Regina and Agile Open Canada, which provide practitioners a forum to share their passion for agile.  Lisa, also a Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt, especially appreciates how DA incorporates lean into the toolkit as it expertly joins the best of both worlds of agile and lean. 

Paresh Bhaide, CDA

Entering into the Agile World First Time? Your Past Experiences Still Count

Changing to Agile Way of Working raise lot many questions in the mind of a new entrant in Agile world.

DAD with its hybrid, all-encompassing approach, flexibility to choose your own WoW and Goal Diagrams, provides an extensive base for the first timers in agile world to leverage their past experiences to take the first step into Agile. This way one enters the agile world with lot more confidence since there is a mechanism to combine ones past experiences with guided change to evolve the WoW.

This session elaborates on how the principles, philosophies, frameworks and tools in DAD are used to decide the agile approach to execute a task in hand – onboarding a few new members in a ‘Consulting Group’.  It details a process based on retrospection, change management cycle and goal diagram to draw parallels from past experiences which may not be directly related to agile. This allows oneself to look as if ‘The glass is half filled’, and encourages to take the first steps to ‘Do Agile’. 


Paresh is a Practice Partner in Consulting and Service Integration unit at TCS. He holds a Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering from IIT-Madras and has experience in mechanical engineering before moving into software industry.

At TCS, he has played multiple roles – as Enterprise Architect, Technology Change Management Process Owner, Transformation Director – and has lead large transformation programs. 

Paresh secured CDA in May 2019 and has started applying it on ground in combination with his prior experience in the industry.

Raphael Branger, CDAP

Using Disciplined Agile in the context of Business Intelligence Projects

Analytics, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing. These are hot topics in many companies nowadays. But how to deal with data-oriented projects in an agile manner? We soon discovered that we need an agile method which is flexible enough to respect the special context of data warehousing and BI projects. In this session I will therefore outline how we use DA in the context of business intelligence (BI) projects. For this, I will introduce you to the Data Management Quadrants of Ronald Damhof and how they help us to position the different solution components. Next, I’ll show how we can associate DA project lifecycles for different project types (or even phases) in the data quadrants. To conclude my session, I will show how we structure our work item stack with BI-specific user stories.


Raphael Branger holds a Master of Arts in Information Management and is a Certified Disciplined Agile Practitioner. Today he works as a Senior Solution Architect at IT-Logix AG. He has more than seventeen years of experience in the area of Business Intelligence (BI) and data warehousing. His current focus is around BI specific requirements engineering as well as the adaption of agile methods in the context of BI. Since 2015 he successfully used Disciplined Agile in various BI projects.

Mark Lines and Scott Ambler

Choose and Evolve Your WoW

We will wrap up DADay with a discussion of the current state of Disciplined Agile (DA), why we've merged into Project Management Institute (PMI), and our vision moving forward.


 Mark Lines is a co-creator of the Disciplined Agile (DA) toolkit and Vice President of Disciplined Agile at PMI.

 Scott Ambler is a co-creator of the DA toolkit and Vice President and Chief Scientist of Disciplined Agile at PMI.

Ron Favali, Facilitator

Call for Presentations is closed. Thank you to everyone who made submissions. You will be notified prior to August 1st if your presentation was accepted.

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the second annual DADay, sponsored by Disciplined Agile. 

This one-day online conference will bring together leading Disciplined Agile (DA) experts, practitioners, and customers to share best practices, DA success stories, and introduce new DA techniques and learning materials. 

We are currently seeking experts in all areas of DA to participate in DADay. 

To be considered as a presenter for this event please email Conference Chairs DADay2019 and include a 200 word abstract of your  topic. Please include your name, title, and level of DA certification.  

Guide for presenters: 

  • The deadline to submit abstracts is Sunday, June 30.
  • Presentations that include actual DA implementations at specific organizations will be given preference. 
  • Final presentations will be limited to 15 minutes and a maximum of 10 charts. 
  • Presentations will be organized into sessions/topic areas 

Potential topics:

Presentations should focus on an aspect or application of Disciplined Agile. Potential topics include:

  • How your team or organization has applied the DA toolkit to continuously improved 
  • Lessons learned adopting DA
  • How your team has applied DA to make Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, ... work in practice
  • Applying DA in "hard situations" such as working with legacy systems, data warehousing/business intelligence, interacting with non-DA teams
  • Working with project managers or the project management office (PMO)
  • DA at scale - how you've addressed the challenges of large teams, geographic distribution, regulatory compliance, working with external organizations, or taking on really hard problems
  • Filling DA roles - How have you helped people move into new roles such as Product Owner, Architecture Owner, Team Lead, or even Team Member?  How have you modified those roles to reflect the realities that you face?

Why Present?

There are several benefits for presenters:

  • You gain experience and recognition as a public speaker in agile 
  • You get to attend DADay 2019 for free
  • You fulfill your "give back" requirements if you're a CDAC

Important Dates:

  • Deadline for abstract submission: Sunday, June 30th 
  • Notification of acceptance: Thursday, August 1st
  • Deadline for final presentation submission: Sunday, September 15th 

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