This is the governing body for certification in Disciplined Agile.

The Disciplined Agile Fellow Program

The Disciplined Agile Fellow program recognizes an individual’s groundbreaking accomplishments to the advancement of Discipline Agile techniques, processes, and benefits. It is the highest honor a member of the Disciplined Agile community can receive. 

Disciplined Agile Fellows have significant experience in creating, formulating, documenting, advocating for, instructing, and coaching lean and agile strategies. In addition to having made significant contributions that have improved DA, Disciplined Agile Fellows must have the potential to make additional contributions. They are publicly recognized Agile thought leaders and serve as the primary stewards of Disciplined Agile. 

DAFellow Presentations 2019

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DA Fellows

Scott Ambler Mark Lines

Scott & Mark are co-creators of the Disciplined Agile (DA) tool kit. They work with organizations around the world to help them in applying DA to choose and evolve their way of working (WoW).

Daniel Gagnon, Disciplined Agile Coach (DAC) & Instructor

Daniel was an early adopter of Disciplined Agile, and continues to be an enthusiastic supporter.  He has given back to the community in several significant ways:

  • Introduced DA into several large clients, used the DA tool kit extensively and provided feedback to update content based on experience.
  • Reviewed and provided insightful feedback into each of the Disciplined Agile books.
  • Has been using and providing feedback for the DA Practitioner tool.
  • Translated workshops into French.
  • Speaks about Disciplined Agile at public conferences and events.
  • Provides problem-solving advice to the DA Advisory Council and the Coaches.

Glen Little, Disciplined Agile Coach (DAC) & Instructor

Glen has actively and consistently helped to evolve the DA tool kit since 2013.

Glen has:

  • Provided insightful feedback regarding existing aspects of the DA tool kit.
  • Contributed new ideas and strategies to extend DA.
  • Developed DA courseware and provided updates based on training and coaching experience.
  • Actively worked with organizations as both a team and enterprise coach.
  • Helped organizations to apply and tailor DA in a wide variety of situations.

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