This is the governing body for certification in Disciplined Agile.

Disciplined Agile Consortium has been around the world attending conferences and delivering workshops.

Disciplined Agile Workshop in Poznan, Poland conducted by Rod Bray!


New York City, New York: Requisite Agility UnSymposium 2019, February 9 with Scott W. Ambler

Bangalore, India, Meetup Webinar- Choose Your Wow! January 30 with Scott W. Ambler


Toronto, Canada: Toronto Agile Community Conference 2018, October 30 with Scott W. Ambler

USA: Agile Camp, September 14, September 24, November 2 and November 30 with Scott W. Ambler

Parma, Italy: DevOps Heroes 2018, October 20 with Alessandro Alpi, Felice Pescatore and Scott W. Ambler

London, UK: Agile & DevOps Expo, October 4 with Mark Lines

London, UK: Agile Business Conference, September 26 with Mark Lines

Portland, USA: Meetup - Agile Advice for  Marketers, September 13 with Scott W. Ambler

San Diego, USA: Agile Alliance Conference, August 8 with Scott W. Ambler

San Diego, USA: Agile Alliance Conference, August 7 with Scott W. Ambler

Johannesburg, South Africa: Business Agility Conference, July 17 with Scott W. Ambler and Mark Lines

Banff, Canada: Agile Open 2018, May 28-29 with Mark Lines and Klaus Boedker

Stowe, USA: WWDVC Conference 2018, May 17 with Scott W. Ambler

London, UK: The Psychology of Agile Scrum meetup, May 14 with Giles Lindsay

London, UK: Agile In The City, April 19 with Giles Lindsay

Säo Paulo, Brazil: Agile Trends 2018, March 29 with Adriano Tavares

Rome, Italy: Devops@Work 2018, March 23 with Felice Pescatore

London, UK: Global Agile Development & Innovation, March 15 with Scott W. Ambler


Dallas, USA: AgileCamp 2017 Dallas, December 1 with Scott W Ambler

Zurich, Switzerland: TWDI Schweiz 2017, November 20 with Raphael Branger

Moscow, Russia: DevOps Pro Moscow, November 16 with Felice Pescatore

Victoria, Canada: MeetUp Victoria, November 14 with Mark Lines and Brent Reed

Potsdam, Germany: Agile Testing Days, November 14 with Raphael Branger

Toronto, Canada: Toronto Agile Community, November 7 with Scott W Ambler

Auckland, New Zealand: Agile New Zealand 2017, November 6 with Aldo Rall

Silicon Valley, USA: AgileCamp Silicon Valley 2017, November 6 with Mark Lines

London, UK: Agile Expo, October 31 with Mark Lines

Istanbul, Turkey: Agile Turkey Summit 2017 with Scott W Ambler

Parma, Italy: DevOps Heroes 2017, October 20 with Felice Pescatore

Newark, USA: AgileCamp New York 2017, September 25 with Mark Lines and Scott W Ambler

London, UK: Continuous Delivery MeetUp, August 29 with Scott W Ambler

Orlando, USA: Agile Alliance Conference, August 9 with Mark Lines and Scott W Ambler

Orlando, USA: PMI Central Florida Chapter, August 8 with Scott W Ambler

Rome, Italy: DevOps Deep Dive, July 21 with Felice Piscatore

Toronto, Canada: PM Forum MeetUp, June 27 with Scott W Ambler

Romania, Bucharest: Agile Works Romania, June 15 with Valentin Tudor Mocanu

Edmonton, Canada: PMI NAC Conference, June 7 with Mark Lines

Stowe, USA: WWDVC Conference 2017, May 18 with Scott W Ambler

Victoria, Canada: Agile Open Canada, May 11-12 with Mark Lines

Omaha, USA: Omaha Agile Development, May 2 with Scott W Ambler 

Madrid, Spain: MeetUp Madrid, March 30 with Scott W Ambler

Bangalore, India: Discuss Agile Network 2017, March 7 with Scott W Ambler

New York City, USA: Business Agility Conference, February 23 with Scott W Ambler

Vancouver, Canada: Agile Vancouver, February 20 with Scott W Ambler

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