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 Meet Up with Scott W Ambler

February 2 2016

We were honoured to have Scott W Ambler return to AWA in February 2016 for 3 days of Disciplined Agile training to host an evening meetup.  

This was a rare opportunity to see Scott in the UK and to learn more about the DA framework.

Hosted By Simon P, CDAP, Advisory Council




Presenter:  Scott W Ambler  

Disciplined Agile Business Analysis: Lessons from the Trenches

Analysis is so important to agile teams they do it every day.  Every. Single. Day.  In some respects agile teams perform analysis in a very different manner than traditional teams, and in some respects in a very similar manner.  Agile analysis is collaborative and evolutionary in nature.  

Disciplined agile analysis takes it up a notch to address the complexity factors agile teams face at scale.  

In this presentation we discussed how disciplined agile teams address analysis activities throughout the lifecycle.  

The transition to agile requires a mindset, skill set, and very often role change for people who are currently business analysts.  

On the majority of agile teams the role of business analyst has disappeared, but in some situations at scale the role is of vital importance – this isn’t your father’s software team any more.  Lessons learned from several organizations making the transition to agile will be shared.

Key learning points:

• Discover how disciplined agile teams approach analysis, and modeling in general  

• Learn agile analysis and modeling strategies 

• Discover how business analysts can transition to an agile environment

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