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Valentin Tudor Mocanu


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Certified Disciplined Agile Coach & Instructor (CDAC/CDAI)
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Tudor Mocanu
Mocanu Valentin Tudor PFA
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About me
Valentin Tudor Mocanu has worked in software development from late-1990s, and with iterative & Agile approaches from early 2000s. Since then has various roles: Development and Project Manager, Coach, System Analyst, Software Architect, and Programmer and develop solutions for domains as document management, simulators and retail. Later, he acts as coach, consultant and trainer for various development practices and Agile methods. He has worked with teams and organizations for continuous process & products improvement, eliminating waste, improve their cross-functional-skills and adapt their process to the context. Valentin Tudor has built teams & organization level guidance for various areas: clean code, products refactoring, development life-cycle, estimation, architecture & design. He blogs about agile methods, principles, practices and about agile design.

Promoted practices & approaches: disciplined agile, non-solo development, clean code, clean architecture, adaptive design and adaptive products.

DAD related experience

The guiding principles in my work were: adapting the process, finding the best options that work in each context, and continuously improve the process. After some years of experience, most of the solutions that work were from Agile area. I have found very useful the well-known Agile methods, XP and Scrum, but at least two problems remain: many of the development problems are out of scope in these methods and there is no guidance for process tailoring (in the context.)

Why DAD?

I have always tried with my teams to own our process and to build an approach that fit our needs. The resulted hybrid, custom approach, which has proven benefits, was iterative, Agile and very similar with DAD. That means DAD looks familiar at first glance, and a roadmap to DAD adoption look just as a path to process improvement. Some examples of approaches proven to be useful: Agile Modeling practices, Agile basic life cycle, Exploratory-Lean Life cycle.
In one of the most difficult challenges (lack of documentation, high technical debt, and time constraints) we have found a great help in non-solo development practices from DAD: Look Ahead Modeling, Model Storming, and Design with Others. Starting from DAD guidance to own our process, we have creatively used these practices to solve our problems. Non-solo development provides us powerful instruments to deal with difficult problems and to spread product related knowledge among the team members.
In the Agile trainer & coach experience, DAD seems to fit better (than other Agile methods) with the needs of various teams and organizations, providing more answers and more guidance for their problems.
Group participation
  • Advisory Council 2019
  • DADay 2018
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Romanian, English
Certified to teach
  • Disciplined Agile Foundations of Agile
  • Disciplined Agile Foundations of Lean
  • DALSM: Disciplined Agile Lean Scrum Master Certification Prep

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