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The Unsubscribe link will only unsubscribe you from one specific type of email, not from all types of email (this is a restriction with the Membership application).

For example, if you are unsubscribing from a manual email (like a newsletter) then you will stop receiving all future manual emails, but will continue to receive event announcements.

To unsubscribe from both types of emails, you need to unsubscribe from each email type separately, or login and edit your email subscription settings by following these steps:

1) Sign-in to your profile at with your email.  (Don't know your password? Reset it here

2) Follow the steps below to update your subscription settings:

a) Once signed-in, your Name will appear at the top left of the page as your profile link - clicking this link will take you to your profile page.

b) You will see your key profile information.

c) Click the "Email Subscriptions" link, then click "Edit Profile".

d) Please choose "I do not wish ..." under "Emailing Preferences".

Please note that if you have chosen to not receive Event Announcements and Emails from Administrators, you will still continue to receive business process communications that are part of attaining and retaining your certification or are legally required.

We are sorry to see you go.

By clicking Submit, you will unsubscribe the following addresses from receiving our emails:


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