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This is the place for practitioners and supporters of the Disciplined Agile 2.0 process decision framework (DA 2.0). It provides information on curriculum, certification, access to certified members, and resources to support Disciplined Agile activities.

Pragmatic Agile - "When we describe Disciplined Agile we remind people that it is not another agile method as we clearly have enough of those already.  Rather, DA is a process decision framework that enables better decision making when customizing approaches for adopting agile within the context of your organization and projects.  Popular agile methods can be quite prescriptive.  Sometimes their agile rules – work collocated in one room, use teams less than nine people, or don’t do fixed price projects –are not practical.  Rather than discounting such projects as not agile, why not take a pragmatic approach to dealing with these realities while striving to still be as agile as possible?  Disciplined Agile provides the guidance that enables you to easily tailor, and later evolve, your agile approach to effectively address the context of the situation that you find yourself in.  Hence the term process decision framework." 

Learn More about Disciplined Agile

If you are new to Disciplined Agile 2.0 and want to learn more, there are several alternatives:

Check out the 10 minute video Disciplined Agile 2.0 in a Nutshell 


Read the book:  

Introduction to Disciplined Agile Delivery;

A Small Agile Team's Journey from Scrum to Continuous Delivery"                               

Lines & Ambler, 2015



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