DA203: Disciplined Agile Architecture Owner Workshop 

How architecture activities fit into an agile development project is likely the most misunderstood aspect of agile. Granted, it doesn’t help that the only agile principle that directly mentions architecture – The best architectures, requirements, and designs emerge from self-organizing teams – is both vague and provocative at the same time. This hands-on workshop explores how disciplined agile teams include architecture activities and concerns throughout the lifecycle. Architecture is so important to disciplined agilists that we consider it every single day.


  • Agile practitioners who want to learn how architecture fits into agile solution delivery
  • Existing designers or solution architects who want to adopt agile ways of working
  • Enterprise architects who want to understand how they can work with disciplined agile delivery teams


  1. An understanding of the fundamentals of the Disciplined Agile (DA) approach.  Students are expected to have: 
  2. An appreciation of the Disciplined Agile mindset. People who are new to agile, or who need a refresher, should view the following videos prior to the workshop:
  3.  as well as review our Introduction to Disciplined Agile.
What You'll Learn
  • Recognize where architecture and design techniques fit into agile
  • Take a light-weight approach to architecture
  • Streamline your approach to agile construction
  • Align your agile team’s strategy with that of your organization, increasing value and improving time to market
  • Promote greater reuse on your agile teams through disciplined agile architecture practices


  • A Exploring the myths and misunderstandings surrounding agile and architecture
  • Introduction to Agile Modeling
  • Disciplined agile architecture practices
  • The Architecture Owner role
  • Initial architecture evisioning
  • Proving your architecture works
  • Evolving the architecture
  • Disaster strikes! Architectural rework in practice
  • Documenting your architecture
  • Agile architecture at scale

Workshop Logistics

  • Level: Medium
  • Length: One day – 7 hours of classroom time plus breaks.
  • Approach: For each major topic in the agenda there will be instruction followed by group work.
  • Class size: Ideally 7 to 10, although up to 20 if the room allows.
  • Classroom requirements: For the students a table layout is preferred. Ideally there should be tables of 4-6 people with sufficient space between them so that students can easily move about the room. Each group will need at least a flip chart but better yet a whiteboard (or a section of whiteboard in the case of a training room with whiteboard-covered walls). For the instructor a screen, projector, and writing space (whiteboards or flipcharts).

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