DA 303: Agile Enterprise Architecture - Disciplined and Pragmatic Strategies 

Enterprise architecture can potentially promote a common business vision within your organization, provide guidance to improve both business and IT decision making, and improve IT efficiencies. Unfortunately many enterprise architecture teams struggle to provide these benefits, often because they are perceived as ivory tower or being too difficult to work with. 

The adoption of disciplined agile and lean strategies that are based on collaboration, enablement, and streamlining the flow of work are the keys to enterprise architecture success. Light-weight strategies that produce light-weight, yet still sufficient, artifacts are the key to your success. In this workshop students will learn how to take an agile/lean approach to applying the architectural views and strategies promoted in enterprise architecture frameworks such as TOGAF and Zachman.

This one day workshop is not technical. Many group exercises reinforce the principles learned. The workshop starts with fundamental principles and then builds strategies on top of this foundation one at a time until a comprehensive enterprise architecture approach is developed.


  • Enterprise architects tasked with moving from traditional approaches to agile/lean strategies
  • Enterprise architects new to agile who want to learn how they can support agile development teams
  • Application/solution architects who want to become enterprise architects


What You'll Learn

  • Discover how to improve the effectiveness of your enterprise architecture team
  • How enterprise architects can work effectively with agile/lean software development teams
  • Discover how most enterprise architecture teams must still support traditional development teams
  • Learn strategies to work with business stakeholders more effectively



  1. Overview of enterprise architecture (EA)
  2. Introduction to agile and lean
  3. introduction to Disciplined Agile (DA)
  4. How is architecture addressed on agile teams?
  5. Agile and lean strategies for EA
  6. Working effectively with business stakeholders
  7. Transitioning to agile EA

Workshop Logistics

  • Level: Introductory
  • Length: One day – 7 hours of classroom time plus breaks.
  • Approach: For each major topic in the agenda there will be instruction followed by group work.

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