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"Traditional Project Management": The PMBOK, DA, Agile, Scrum, and Waterfall

  • 07 Oct 2020 11:02 AM
    Message # 9289445

    As I explore different types of project management I am struck by both the assumptions I have made and I see others make around the words "Traditional Project Management". The WoW book associates 'traditional project management' with 1960s/1970s software project management, now called Waterfall, and describes it as a 'shrinking category of work' (pg 81).

    But then, what would you call the project management taught in the PMBOK? Is DAD saying that the structure taught in the PMBOK is going obsolete? If the PMBOK is not 'traditional project management' then what should we call it? Because I would argue it's not shrinking, it does however have a completely different focus from agile models.

    Agile, Scrum, DA, SAFe, Dev Ops- all of these models are software based models. DA makes a small effort to include areas outside software but realistically, it's core is software.

    Projects that are do not create product, that are not software, still exist: customers still need to implement the software, change management and communications need to happen around process and culture changes, mergers and acquisitions create huge numbers of potentially very large stand-alone projects that do not need long-term teams and will not be iterative (one hopes) but will still benefit from a project management framework.

    These single focus projects and project teams can easily find use in the DA principles and process but should be recognized better in Chapter 6 as important and necessary. I hope PMI adds information into Chapter 6 that says as much.

    What terminology do you use to talk about PMBOK project management? How would you compare and contrast the two models? Is there still a place for 'traditional project management'?

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