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Toronto, Canada: ProjectTalks

November 1,  2016  



Presenter: Scott W. Ambler   

ProjectTalks was launched in April 2016. 100+ delegates sharing, learning and networking in a very unique setting. That was a great start but we now know we can make it better. Please consider joining us on November 1st at the RBC Building on Queen’s Quay West for our second ProjectTalks event in Toronto.


Where do PM's an BA's fit into an Agile World?

Management and analysis are so important on agile delivery teams that we do it every single day, but that doesn’t imply that we need team managers nor business analysts.  Having said that, there are still some manager roles needed, albeit far fewer than in the past, when we scale agile both tactically and strategically within our IT organizations.   Similarly, business analysts may be needed at scale to support agile product owners.  So where do the rest of the managers and analysts go?  This presentation examines what happens to traditional managers and traditional business analysts when their organization adopts agile and lean strategies.

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