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AgileCamp 2017 New York: How Does Middle Management Fit In An Agile Organization?

September 25, 2017








Presenter: Mark Lines   

Hope you were able tojoin us on September 25, 2017 for AgileCamp New York Metro for a day of learning and Networking!

How Does Middle Management Fit In An Agile Organization?

In an increasingly agile world, do we still need middle managers?  Clearly we do, but middle management and HR departments must adapt or never meet the promise of highly motivated and productive teams.  Some of the changes required may be considered quite radical when compared to traditional HR practices.  But without these changes you will have difficulty attracting and retaining the talent you need.

In this talk, Mark Lines provided an overview of trends we see in organizational design, career paths, the new role of middle management, and some progressive ideas regarding compensation and performance management.

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