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Agile New Zealand 2017- A Leadership Survival Guide to Transformation

November 6, 2017



Presenter: Aldo Rall   CDAP      

Leadership Survival Guide to Transformation

Agile has become a source of disruption to organizations and leadership. Prevailing trends shows that organizations are de-layering and some are even decimating their hierarchies. This disruption driven by Agile and, more recently, DevOps and Agile Scaling, challenges tradition; there is a call for wider skill sets and controlled, sustainable transformations, pushing leadership and organizations into wider and often conflicting and ambiguous contexts. 

As a stop gap, some organizations attempt survival by shoehorning 'Agile' terms into traditional thinking and practices, only delaying the inevitable disaster. Leaders and organizations needs new thinking to re-invent, drive and sustain transformation. These leaders consistently develop unique solutions and skills by moving traditional leadership out of the Scientific Management era into the 21st century and embed it throughout their organizations and eco-systems. 

This talk explored how leadership and organizations perform this feat by introducing Agility thinking tools to build sustainable transformations in leadership and organizations.

About Aldo Rall

Aldo Rall, CDAP with the Disciplined Agile Consortium, has over 18 years’ experience in a range of industries including financial services, healthcare, IT, management consulting and education in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the UK. He's worked with a range of clients on Agile transformations as an Agile and Testing Coach. Aldo remains fascinated with continuous change in industry, which ensures there is always something new to learn, regardless of experience levels or qualifications. Over time, Aldo has honed his skills in the practical elements of developing working software but his greatest passion lies in the people dimension of the people-process-technology mix and how this translates into successful IT strategy, teams, projects and practitioners.

Agile New Zealand 2017

Hope you could join us on November 6, 2017 for Agile New Zealand 2017. Agilist's from across the country converged for a career changing day joining hundreds of professionals in igniting a path of Agile enterprise. We had great keynote presentations!  4 themes were presented; Relevance, Responsiveness, Innovation and Sustainable Transformation.

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