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Q4 2017

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Help us prove that the adoption of Disciplined Agile is taking off, as recently shown in Gartner's Market Guide for Enterprise Agile Frameworks (17 July 2017).  If you are using DAD please invest five minutes to complete VersionOne's STATE OF AGILETM survey

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Keeping up with DA:

Bridging the Gap between Agile and Data (August 2017)

Nine Reasons to Choose DAD over Scrum(September 2017)

The Agile Enterprise Coach(October 2017)

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Are you attending the following conferences?  The Disciplined Agile sessions are always very popular:

Turkey, Istanbul: The Disciplined Agile Enterprise: A Pragmatic View Of Transformation Journey Your Organization Faces ~ Scott W Ambler • 19 Oct 2017

Italy, Parma: Dallo Sviluppo al Business: Scopriamo l’approccio Disciplinato a DevOps ~ Felice Pescatore • 20 Oct 2017

UK, London: Disciplined Devops: Pragmatic Strategies For The Enterprise ~ Mark Lines • 31 Oct 2017

California, Santa Clara: How Does Middle Management Fit In An Agile Organization? ~ Mark Lines  • 6 Nov 2017

Ontario,Toronto:  The Executives Guide to Disciplined Agile: Business Agility for Established Enterprises ~ Scott Ambler • 7 Nov 2017

Russia, Moscow: Devops Deep Dive ~ Felice Pescatore •16 Nov 2017


Complimentary WEBINARS:

31 October - Disciplined Agile Continuous Improvement: Speeding Up Organizational Learning

21 November - topic TBD

Details of these webinars will be available once registration opens


Recorded WEBINAR

An Executive's Guide to Disciplined Agile by Scott Ambler and Mark Lines,  September 27, 2017

Available Now

An Executive's Guide to Disciplined Agile: Winning the Race to Business Agility (Ambler & Lines, 2017)

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We need your help!  VersionOne Survey 2017

As many of you know VersionOne is currently running the 12th annual STATE OF AGILETM survey. The report gives software professionals deep insight into agile trends, best practices, and lessons in successful agile transformations.

Discipline Agile (DA) continues to build momentum with leading organizations. We would appreciate a few minutes of your time to complete the survey and when asked "which framework do you use" that you select DAD.

Thank you in advance.

We recognize our newest Practitioners, and appreciate the work involved in earning this designation:

Aldo Rall, CDAP, Consultant, New Zealand

Ovidiu Nicolae Nanuti, CDAP, Levio, Canada

Klaus Boedker, CDAP, Senior Coach, Canada

We congratulate our newest Certified Instructor, and look forward to Dan assisting professionals to be successful with Disciplined Agile:

Dan Burke, CDAI, CDAP, IndigoCube, South Africa

Dan is a people's person, very focused. He's a good motivator and willing to listen. He played a remarkable role in a number of projects that we worked on. I like his interpersonal skills. He interacted well with all the stakeholders.

We look forward to Dan's success as IndigoCube is on track to facilitate DA training of 1,000+ participants during 2017.

Spotlight on Certified Partners:


We help in bridging learning with best practices of project and business analysis concepts. We are also involved in educating professionals and corporations on how to effectively apply their knowledge to projects.

iZenBridge is a global firm in offering certification courses. We are a single global partnership focused on building effective organisations in managing projects.

We serve a broad mix of private-, public-, social-sector organizations and individuals. Our clientele spreads across 50+ countries.

Saket Bansal, CDAI, CDAP offers virtual Disciplined Agile workshops several times per year, with a high pass-rate for the CDA test.    @iZenBridge

Contact Saket for your training and coaching needs.

Are you aware that we have an Advisory Council?

The council meets virtually several times per year to provide feedback on Intellectual Property, the needs of the marketplace and the direction of Disciplined Agile.

When in the same geographic area, council members try to meet in person.

Please Contact Us if you have a nomination for the council beginning 2018.

Keeping up with DA:

Bridging the Gap Between Agile and Data

  • Product ownership and data
  • Agile data architecture
  • Data testing and tooling support
  • How to include data people, and activities, in development

At the Agile 2017 conferenceLynn Winterboer was kind enough to invite Scott to her workshop which explored how to apply agile strategies in the data space.  She did a great job of facilitating the group of about 40 people through identifying the challenges currently faced by teams. The main issues that the group explored were:

Lynn will soon be blogging about the results so we're not going to dive into that here.  We suspect that her blog post will be very interesting.

What we'd like to do here is share a few thoughts about what was observed:  Read More ...

Nine Reasons to Choose DAD over Scrum

A common question that we hear a lot is “Why choose Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) over Scrum?”, so we’ve written this blog to summarize our response.  The short answer is that DAD addresses the myriad of issues that Scrum chooses to leave to you.  To see what we mean, the official Scrum Guide is 23 pages compared to the 500 pages of the original Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) book – DAD clearly goes into greater detail than Scrum, detail that your organization will need to spend a lot of time and money figuring out on your own with Scrum as your process base.  We believe you can do a lot better than that.

At a high-level, the primary reason to adopt DAD over Scrum is that you will greatly increase the chance that your process improvement efforts will be successful, and you will do so in such a way that it will be quicker and less expensive in the long run.  This is because DAD takes a holistic, context-sensitive approach to solution delivery as opposed to Scrum’s prescriptive and narrow approach.  Let’s explore the many reasons why you should adopt DAD over Scrum:  Read More ...

The Agile Enterprise Coach

When your organization chooses to transition to more agile and lean ways of working you quickly discover that this effort needs to address all aspects of your organization, not just your solution delivery teams.  Many transformation efforts invest in agile team coaches, which is a very good thing to do, but will often shortchange other areas of coaching in the belief that they’ll figure it out on their own.  It may work out that way, but even when it does this is an expensive, slow, and error-prone approach.  In our experience it’s far better to get help from an experienced Enterprise Coach.

An Enterprise Coach coaches “beyond the team” to help senior managers and leaders to understand and adopt an agile and lean mindset.  As you will soon see, this requires a similar yet different skill set than what is required for team coaching. In this blog we work through three key concepts:   Read More ...

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